On-line Training

If you’re unable to come on-site for training, we have several options to allow you to train at home or on the road.

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On-line Training Options

NeurotrackerX Monthly

This gives you unlimited access to NeurotrackerX at home. This amazing tool is a core component to increasing cognitive processing.

Vizual Edge

The Edge Trainer delivers the most advanced sports vision training available right from your own device. The web-based program is proven to help enhance timing, balance, eye-hand coordination, positional and spatial awareness, reaction speed and more to give you an edge in your sport!

Senaptec App

The Senaptec App is designed as an extension to the Senaptec Sensory Station. The Senaptec algorithm learns and adapts to help push people forward and achieve better results.

Custom Remote Training

Any of these web-based programs can be combined with a customized remote training plan by purchasing one of home training packages. Contact us to find out more.

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